Road Trip Photos

This website contains photos taken during our Corvette Club’s road trip from Naples, FL to Houma, LA for Marti Gras.

The trip begins February 18, 2020. New photos will be added along the way so our friends can follow us as we travel.

The road trip is about 869 miles (one way) and is 10 days start to destination, plus a couple of days to return. 15 corvettes participated in this road trip. 

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FEB 18 – Fort Myers FL to Tallahassee FL

FEB 19 Tallahassee FL to Biloxi MS
Hard Rock Casino overlooking the ocean is awesome.

FEB 20

We spent the day driving through pouring rain, fog and heavy traffic. We arrived at hotel, had happy hour, went for dinner, returned and went face down.

FEB 21

We had a great drive through bayou country today. The houses are all raised up on stilts because the water rises to six feet deep in the roads.

FEB 22 – Cajun Swamp Tour  Today took a boat tour with the “Cajun Man” though the swamps where the TV show “Swamp People” is filmed.

FEB 24 – New Orleans Day Trip

FEB 24 – Marti Gras Parade in Houma LA